Baptiste Lake Association, president, Wally McColl gathered with BLA secretary, Lake Plan, Anne Coleman and NHCFH directors Taylor Grosklag and Ian Hendry on the shore of Baptiste Lake for the official cheque presentation of $1,000 towards the Hatchery.

Baptiste is a deep-water lake trout lake and so the BLA has been working with the NHCFH and the MNRF to do the studies to determine if genetically, and in terms of habitat, a restocking program for Baptiste would be a good fit. While the genetics studies have been put on hold due to COVID-19, McColl looks forward to the day when the lake can be restocked.

Grosklag was happy to accept the donation of behalf of the NHCFH board and stated that it will be used towards growing fish for local lakes and for operations at the hatchery.

Thank you to the BLA!