The North Hastings Community Fish Hatchery (NHCFH) is a community, volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization with federal charitable status that is raising local fish for local lakes.


To engage the community in the management and stewardship of local fisheries, habitat, and the surrounding environment to ensure these resources are available for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.


  • To research and employ where appropriate current best practices in the aquaculture of various fish species
  • To enhance local stocking programs and improve angling opportunities in the region
  • To provide opportunities for students and others to learn about and practice fish culture skills and sustainable fisheries and habitat management
  • To promote and support all conservation efforts that protect and enhance our local aquatic flora and fauna and their habitats

Hatchery Executive

Kevin Vance / President
Telephone 613-332-1410
John Vanderpas / Vice President / Membership Chairman
Telephone 416-709-2866
Carl Ziebarth / Treasurer
Telephone 613-334-2150
Brad Elkins / Fish Culturing Manager
Telephone 289-338-6574
Mary LeFeuvre/ Honorary Director
Telephone 613-332-4084
Mike Thomas / Director
Telephone: 416-464-2902
Kim Stephens / Director
Telephone: 613-334-8324
Karin Dietrich / Secretary
Telephone  613-332-4678

Hatchery Team Leaders

Larry Byers / Fish Culturing Team Leader
Telephone 613-332-1154
Stan Loney / Fish Culturing Team Leader
Telephone 613-332-8100