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Byers Heating Inc. Challenges Others to Donate to the Hatchery!

There were smiles all-round when Paul Byers pulled up in front of the Fish Hatchery and presented board director Ian Hendry with a cheque for $1000 on behalf of his company, Byers Heating Inc. Paul, very kindly, also provided a $40 personal donation towards the drive to raise funds for the hatchery to help replace […]

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Come Out and Get Your Hands Wet!

Terry Campbell’s love of fishing was what first got him interested in volunteering at the North Hastings Community Fish Hatchery. “I also knew a few others and so I got involved,” says Campbell.

The best part about volunteering is that it is a great way to meet other guys who also love to fish. “You hear […]

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$1700 Donation to Hatchery in Memory of Joe Neuhold

On May 7 Dave Locke from the Quinte Elk Restoration Committee presented a donation of $1700 to hatchery member Kevin Vance.  The donation is in memory of Joe Neuhold who was a great supporter of the Elk Restoration Committee, the North Hastings Community Fish Hatchery and other conservation efforts in the North Hastings area.

With the […]

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Fish Hatchery Needs Your Help!

This has been a year like none other and as a result, the Fish Hatchery is reaching out to the community for help to get through this difficult time.

Traditionally, we host an annual fundraising dinner/auction to raise the majority of the funds required to cover our operating expenses.  This includes everything from utilities, to taxes, […]

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Stocked Up – courtesy of Blind Casts by Alyssa Lloyd

Take Advantage of Put-and-Take Fisheries

With Ontario’s reputation for naturally sustainable fisheries, it can be hard to notice other opportunities such as stocked fisheries.


These lakes are isolated from and have little effect on the watersheds around them, providing an excellent area to introduce a species unknown to the lake, but not necessarily unknown to the area.


Stocked […]

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Reel Trouble on the York River by Tori Drost


It’s the first fishing rod I’ve owned since I was a young girl. We were planning a 3-week canoe camping trip to the Yukon, and my brother asked if I was planning to fish. I decided, why not? As a pescatarian I should know how to catch what I eat. Unfortunately, the first sign that […]

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