Good news! Over 5700 eggs were collected by a team of volunteers, under the guidance of Bob Irwin, on Oct. 14 and 16 on Ashby Lake. A third collection night is planned for Oct. 20.

When the MNRF announced that it would no longer be assisting with egg collection for the hatchery, it was arranged that they would help with training and equipment during a two-year transition period. Because of the pandemic  however, the MNRF staff have been prevented from participating this year. Fortunately, Bob Irwin came forward and helped provide the assitance the volunteer group needed to get things underway.

Over the coming weeks the egg/sperm mix will hatch and then the volunteers will take on the role of caretaker by feeding, cleaning and monitoring their development until the anticipated days in the spring when they are ready to be stocked into local lakes.

Without the volunteers this hatchery could not operate. Individuals who think they may have an interest in volunteering are encougaged to come to the hatchery on Hysert Road on any Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. to see the volunteers in action and learn more about what is involved in becoming a volunteer.