The North Hastings Community Fish Hatchery is grateful to the members of the Paudash Lake Conservation Association (PLCA) for their donations to support the Hatchery. When the continuing pandemic required the cancellation of the Hatchery’s annual dinner, the PLCA started raising money online to support the ongoing care of fish being raised at the Hatchery.

Pictured is Michael Thomas (President of the Paudash Lake Conservation Association) and Hatchery Vice-President John Vanderpas. John is accepting a cheque for the NHCFH in the amount of $5,850 from PLCA member donations. The association paid for the processing charges so that every participant’s donation amount went to the Hatchery. Donations came from 77 different individuals, families and businesses. Anywhere from $10 to one large amount of $1,500. Last year their members raised almost the same amount for the Bancroft Food Bank. So proud of them.